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At AU Orthodontists Melbourne, we aim to provide our customers with only the best and the latest orthodontic treatments guaranteed to correct all your dental problems.

AU Orthodontists Melbourne knows that having a straight set of teeth can work wonders for your self-esteem and self-confidence. It can enhance your beauty by giving you that one perfect smile that can brighten up someone’s day. Let AU Orthodontists Melbourne show you the way!

The best services in orthodontics Melbourne can offer has always been with AU Orthodontists Melbourne. Your smile is important to us as much as it is important to you. We are here to help you regain, improve, maintain, and preserve that one perfect smile of yours.

Crooked and overcrowded teeth causing problems in your speech and oral hygiene, and may even be taking a toll on your self-confidence? Worry no more! AU Orthodontists Melbourne has a lot in store for you! 

Schedule an appointment with AU Orthodontists Melbourne and find the perfect treatment for you under the best orthodontists Melbourne can provide.





invisalign-clear-bracesThis treatment is the future of orthodontics.

Wearing these clear aligners can solve mild to moderate orthodontic problems. Due to its transparent design, it’s almost invisible to the naked eye. It is a revolutionary innovation in the field of orthodontic dentistry.

If you want to have a perfect set of teeth without the unwanted attention and the discomfort of wearing metal brackets, this is the best option for you. Contact AU Orthodontists Melbourne to avail the latest orthodontic innovation, that is Invisalign!


braces-photoStill The Most Popular Orthodontic Treatment in the World Today.

In 1728, the First Modern Orthodontic Braces was first used by a French Dentist named Pierre Fauchard. He devised a way to straighten crooked teeth with the use of metal brackets. Until now, dental braces are still widely used all over the world due to its stability and proven effective technology. Contact AU Orthodontists Melbourne for more details.

This orthodontic treatment procedure is highly recommended to treat mild to severe cases of orthodontic diseases. To have your teeth checked, contact AU Orthodontists Melbourne to book an appointment now!

Upon assessment, if you have a severe case of malocclusion or misaligned teeth, then AU Orthodontists Melbourne may recommend this as the best option for you.


retainersMaintain Your Teeth After an Orthodontic Procedure by wearing Retainers.

Retainers are usually worn at the last phase of your orthodontic braces. They are worn to maintain the position of your straight teeth.

There are studies that show that wearing retainers can help you with breathing and sleeping disorders. Say goodbye to sleep apnea, snoring, and other sleep disturbances when you achieve straight, aligned teeth! Talk to our AU Orthodontists Melbourne dentists to know more.

AU Orthodontists Melbourne always prescribes wearing either fixed or removable retainers after any orthodontic treatment procedure. Call us and let AU Orthodontists Melbourne help you maintain your perfect smile now!

TMJ Appliances

tmj applianceCorrect All Your TMJ Disorders by wearing a TMJ appliance.

TMJ Disorders (temporomandibular joint disorders) can be caused by malocclusion, misalignment of the jawbone and the skull, injuries to the jaw, arthritis, and even stress. Some may leave it untreated, but if it causes moderate to severe pain in the jaw area and the muscles around it, AU Orthodontists Melbourne prescribes usage of TMJ appliances.

While there are many factors to consider when determining the root cause of the discomfort, TMJ appliances can correct these problems in a painless manner. Contact AU Orthodontists Melbourne to get your TMJ appliances and bid farewell to jaw pain one last time!

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