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Read more of our thoughts and learn from the experts.


Read more of our thoughts and learn from the experts.

Question: How much do braces cost?

How much do braces cost? That may be one of the first questions a dental patient with teeth alignment issue would ask. With the many advertisements and marketing strategies dental clinics and practitioners show online and on TV, one would really get confused as to...

Types of braces: All you need to know

We all know that the traditional braces are still the gold standard in solving orthodontic problems all over the world. Practiced since the earlier days, this orthodontic procedure can solve even the most complicated case of malocclusion. Brought about by its...

Orthodontist vs Dentist: Who to choose?

When caring for our health, we go to our regular GPs, and if needed, they refer us to different medical specialists. But what if our problem concerns our teeth? Who should we turn to, orthodontist vs dentist?   Orthodontist vs dentist: Who are they?   Dentists are...

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