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How much do braces cost? That may be one of the first questions a dental patient with teeth alignment issue would ask. With the many advertisements and marketing strategies dental clinics and practitioners show online and on TV, one would really get confused as to what the real cost of this orthodontic procedure is. Here, we will give you an idea of how much you should prepare and budget if you are planning to have dental braces.


How much do braces cost: The types of braces

The materials used and the process of placing your dental braces may affect the cost of this orthodontic option.

Metal braces, said to be the least expensive as this is the traditional kind of braces, has an average cost of $4500 to $8000. Ceramic braces, the less noticeable type of braces that uses tooth-coloured ceramic brackets and wires, would cost you $5000 to $8500. Lingual braces, the ones placed behind the teeth, has a price tag that ranges from $7500 to $12500. All these, though rough price estimates, give you a better perspective on how you should financially prepare if you or a loved one needs to have this orthodontic solution.


How much do braces cost: Questions to ask regarding the cost of braces

Here are some of the things you need to consider and know when thinking about dental braces:


Will insurance cover my orthodontic treatment?

Some dental health insurance companies offer coverages for orthodontic or cosmetic procedures that would generally cost higher than preventative ones. One of the things to include when discussing your treatment with your insurer is the waiting period since most insurance providers issue a 6 to 12-month waiting period for major dental procedures.


How often should I visit my dentist?

Yes, this one is also important. Apart from the cost of having braces, routine follow-ups with your dentist or orthodontist can also add up to your financial cost. You must plan ahead by discussing with your orthodontic practitioner about a schedule that would meet your dental needs without breaking the bank.


Do you have other orthodontic options?

There are other orthodontic options a patient can choose from to solve their malocclusion and bite or jaw problems. Some turn to the latest orthodontic innovation called Invisalign that uses clear dental aligners instead of the bracket and wire system. Though they may also cost you big bucks, their maintenance and aesthetics may suit your needs and preference better. Moreover, some Australians, because of the fact that dental procedures here are really expensive, opt to go abroad and avail themselves of the services offered in foreign countries like Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia. These countries are the frontrunners in dental tourism that offer dental services as low as half the price of what was being offered here at home. Discuss all these with your dentist so he can better guide you on your next steps.


Because life is getting harder and harder every day, preparing for the future is a given. Orthodontic procedures, because of their high cost, should also be part of your financial management plans. Decide if getting a dental insurance can help you shoulder the high expenses your braces would entail, or discuss your money matters with your dentist. He may help you make arrangements with your insurance or offer you personalised payment plans to make your dental braces affordable and convenient.


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